If electronics can easily be disabled by an EMP, and a kid on youtube can make an EMP device, then how safe is your fingerprint biometric gun safe.Can some kid go to youtube make an EMP device and open his parents safe.If it's disabled then you might not be able to access your valuables. It's Easy to make EMP, bush a button that stops all electronics.I'm 57 if I have trouble with a device I hand it to a young person and they fix it in seconds. so to think they are unaware is risky.Products that have both mechanical and electronic enhancement is the best way. The ZORE gun trigger lock has both, But the lock can't be opened with electronics.The electronics only do GPS and it will call you if it is even moved a little.A safe or vault has to work every time. I'm trying to say don't be complacent when it comes to keeping guns out of the reach of kids and bad guys   I put some of this EMP stuff on my site.A gun safe is to keep your gun safe.Even those trackers for the kids can be shut down by EMP. there are lots of choices for Emp devices on the internet. ALLWAYS use electronics to enhance your common sense, not to replace it             post a coment DISQUS blog site