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The airgun for self-defense. Is not a good idea.But some places don't allow firearms.Airguns are not firearms.There are.45 cal airguns.The Gamo P25 pistol is only .177 but at 450 fps and a 16 round clip.Gamo makes good airguns for the price.The P25 is about $90. I think I would shoot 16 times then kick his ass if need be.If you decide to use an airgun for self-defense. Air guns that use co2 can leak over time.Test fire your airgun to confirm it has good pressure

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Airgun sites

offering Airgun ACCESSORIES such as a 5000 psi compressor to fill your airgun, or fill a scuba tank. Repair services and parts some offer firearms as well.Some of the new airguns are 3000 psi and .45 caliber. youtube has video, .177 airgun, makes brain shot, wild pig.He shows a clean skull with .177 hole in it.Different airguns like different pellets.Even the altitude affects the pellet and the air the airgun just drew in when you caulked it.The cold will affect the strength of the spring.But the pneumatic airgun compresses a gas so it's always the same.I like the pump airguns, sometimes you just won't to shoot a grasshopper with one pump, and the rat with 5 pumps.

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Air Rifles

from 0.177 up to 0.45 caliber, 930 fps 3000 psi air rifles

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