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Offering ACCESSORIES such as a 5000 psi compressor to fill your air gun, or fill a scuba tank. Repair services and parts some offer firearms as well

airguns on amazon

they have most airguns. and PayPal offers $500 no interest credit if paid in 6 months if you qualify

Slingbow sites

some slingbows might not be on amazon.Remember that the rubber can break and hit you in the face. Look for dry cracks in the rubber almost always found where it connects to the end

Gasifier sites

Wood fuel used by a gasifier is carbon neutral, and cleen . Full size pickup truck gets 5000 miels on a cord of wood


video reviews

The airgun for self-defense. Is not a good idea.But some places don't allow firearms.Airguns are not firearms.There are.45 cal airguns.The Gamo P25 pistol is only .177 but at 450 fps and a 16 round clip.Gamo makes good airguns for the price.The P25 is about $90. I think I would shoot 16 times then kick his ass if need be.If you decide to use an airgun for self-defense. Air guns that use co2 can leak over time.Test fire your airgun to confirm it has good pressure

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Airgun sites

offering Airgun ACCESSORIES such as a 5000 psi compressor to fill your airgun, or fill a scuba tank. Repair services and parts some offer firearms as well.Some of the new airguns are 3000 psi and .45 caliber. youtube has video, .177 airgun, makes brain shot, wild pig.He shows a clean skull with .177 hole in it.Different airguns like different pellets.Even the altitude affects the pellet and the air the airgun just drew in when you caulked it.The cold will affect the strength of the spring.But the pneumatic airgun compresses a gas so it's always the same.I like the pump airguns, sometimes you just wont to shoot a grasshopper with one pump, and the rat with 5 pumps.If you plan to use an air pistol for self-defense get the right one.There are a few airguns that can be tweaked to get an extra 100 feet per second

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slingshot fishing with a slingbow, compact. Good for your pack. You can eaven get 3 peace arrows. an thread them together.In most cases its regulated as a bow check your state laws

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Gun Safety

carrying is shown to be good for every one, except for the bad guy. Most of the time you carry your gun you don't need it. I bet the people in these videos are glad they didn't leave their gun home that day

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short security cam of ladies kicking ass

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Fingerprint readers on your gun and you're safe can be disabled with EMP. This video shows EMP gun made for law enforcement.. but you can find a kid on Youtube made one with a camera criminals can make or have a smart kid make one. and also see how easy a common gun safe can be opened with a plastic pen.

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Ladys watch this

SMALL WOMAN = SMALL GUN,NO.. WITCH HOLSTER FOR WITCH OUTFIT, holster, self defense, small women, concealed holster review, women's holster.

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airgun rules , gun control , hunting regulations.

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gadgets for your pets

dog treat dispenser,treat and watch with phone.small tag so you can follow your pet with your phone,Bot plays with your dog,through s ball for them

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Pet Gadgets

pet gadgets on amazon

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Wood Gasifier

Wood fuel

clean blue flame with a gasifier, Miles per cord. perfect clean fuel for log cabin power gen. off grid

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water filter

Made in the USA


reconditioned tools

Every year, over $100 Billion worth of products are returned to big box retailers due to either blemish, or functionality issues. This is common with items such as computers, laptops, or other consumer electronics. This catagory of work has less to do with replacing worn out parts, and more to do with repairing a damaged items. These returned items are often sold to outside companies who take on the responsibility to resell them after repairing them. These company then refurbish the items by finding the problem with the item and repairing it and replacing worn parts.

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Gadgets on Amazon


New gadgets,

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Furniture Sites

source classic home furnishings, imported boho furniture and traditional wood pieces from around the globe. With our affordable prices and eclectic designs, it's a cinch to fill your home with quality living room furniture and other fine furnishings. From chic dining room tables and eye-catching bedroom sets, to polished and practical sofas and bold chairs, we have affordable styles for every budget. Browse our multicultural decorative pieces, stock up on household staples like lamps and stools, and shop for unique knick-knacks for a college dorm room or the collector at heart. Find premium quality and craftsmanship with our home furniture and tie your look together with our stylish wall decor and curtains!

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some things to make the great outdoors, even greater

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  • Port Salerno, FL, United States


My site offers video reviews on subjects like gasifier, airguns, slingbow, ladies self-defense, regulations, and how a small homemade EMP device can disable your electronic trigger or gun safe  with links to Amazon....I'm in Port Salerno Fl so to see all that would go to waste From Irma just went through here we should all be doing more. Like Fish and wildlife conservation, gun safety.  I am still working hard to improve my site. I am new at the website building ,you can probably tell.                                                                                                                                                                          The wood fuel, is carbon neutral, we send it to trash anyway.It seems a no-brainer. Here in south FL, we listen to mowers and weed eaters all year.and I hate it. the leaf blowers blowing car brake pad dust back into the air, it used to be asbestos, but now its something else that may kill us in years to come. Golfers who insist on having so many courses that the fertilizer pollutes the water. 2 stroke boat engines that bubble up smoke from the exhaust being disposed under the water    it's 2017 now I am 57  5'11" 167 lb  pro trump, prow law enforcement and 2nd amendment would like to eradicate all the invasive species. "someone just caught a 17' python" a cable man was bit by a momba in Broward count fl. and they say we have king cobras out there too



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